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My family & friends don’t have a choice but to put up with all the things I discover and share with so much passion. I care about the dignity and success of people – specifically women.

I am passionate about learning, exploring & sharing ideas. As such talking about women and money from a holistic perspective is fascinating to me. Money choices impact every area of a woman’s well being including career path, personal growth, fulfillment, and joy.

I am married with 4 children. I’m God-fearing, fiercely caring, loves numbers(and the stories behind those numbers) – yes, even your age has some stories to tell. I want to leave a positive impact on any interaction I have.​

I’m an educator, a chief encouragement officer and I consider everything a learning experience. I trained as a professional accountant, a success coach, and  a student affairs professional helping one student/individual at a time become successful – whatever their definition of success is.

+ Personal Branding

+ Job Interview Expert

+ Executive Career & Success Coach

+ Gallup Trained Success Coach

+ Job Search Boot Camp

+ Author

+ Speaker

+ Finance Educator | Student Affairs Professional | Project Management | Life long learner

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